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Monday, February 10, 2014

Relaktasi~Fahami Ibu dan Misi Ibu~

Pendapat sis Kamariah bila saya tanya beliau tentang relaktasi...

"relactation is not always easy for all moms. it requires full motivation and effort. therefore i usually will start with a long conversation to understand why she quit in the first place and what makes her think she want to breastfeed again. Then i will ask what is her goal, Is it just to produce milk or to breastfeed again?
Then after understanding whst she wants to do (not what we want), we can affirm her feeling.
Later, educate her based on her background. Pumping 4 times a day usually wont be enough to switch on back our milk factory. the initial effort usually require full swing stimulation eg 8-12 times in 24 hours. Skin to skin contact is still important(even if baby is not yet interested to bf yet).
fyi in our group we have pc who had successfully relactate. perhaps she can share more of her experience."

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